Enterprise Network Innovations For Managed Security In 2017

Security Threats:

Newest attacks and different types of latest hacks have been observed in 2016 and before. Such attacks results in a significant growth for security market that was $76 billion in 2015 and is expected to be more than $100 billion in 2019.

Managed Security Services

These hacks and attacks stay opportunity for numerous products and solutions to flood into the market regarding securing the networks to avoid these occurrences. Managed security services Oman, Dubai, America and around the world are focusing on the same purpose.

Conversations, opportunities and challenges regarding enterprise security are expected to continue increasingly the years onward. Here we are going to present what are important for organizations to look for to ensure controlled network security for 2017 and onward.

Integrated Security:

It is predicted that around 1 million new devices are going to be online each hour by 2020 which is an exponential increase in applications and devices. In this regard, the threat surface area for organizations has been expanded far more than traditional means.

For reducing complexity and risks, all of the security must need to be embedded into the software and hardware solutions along with flexible options for deployment that must work accurately with each other for providing multi-layer protection around the enterprise.

Managed Security Services Oman

Improved Visibility Need:

Digital organizations have experienced large amount of growth in the past few years. As a result of this growth, around 76% of professionals belong to IT industry are saying that the biggest challenge to them in network threat addressing is the lack of visibility.

Every time, it is crucial to observe the network to identify what is going on across the whole of applications, devices and users. For extending the visibility around the enterprise, security and network teams need to work closely to control the network infrastructure.

Emphasis on Analytics:

SANS institute recently perform a survey which is showing that organizations are currently using analytics as part of the security strategy they are having. The type and amount of information one is having is critical to lower down the detection time.

In past, sampling data might have helped in reacting and identifying threats. However, looking for proactive intelligent ways and contextual awareness for deep insights and data gathering that lead to accurate detection of user behaviour and anomalous network across the whole network is important.

Movement towards Cloud:

Cloud-administered and delivered security solutions are currently too much popular as well. Speed and ease of deployment are been offered by cloud-based solutions along with consistent and simple administration for providing an initial layer of defense.

Movement towards Cloud

The Final Word:

Security solutions are currently focusing on high end secure infrastructure to protect networks from every possible security threat. Enterprise owners need to improve their IT staff expertise and switch to latest security standards like managed security services Oman to prevent the whole network and avoid security breaches.

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