Few Basic Measures To Protect Your Data Online

It has been reported that over 9 billion records have been stolen since 2013. Thieves are proactively targeting potential websites for breaching important data. They can steal away with credit card information, personal data of customers or your email correspondence.

Many people have been blackmailed into publishing their private information all over the internet. Thousands of dollars have been stolen by accessing credit card information.  In few cases people have fallen into danger of identity theft and became vulnerable to all kinds of money theft. In many cases it endangered privacy and repute of successful businessmen.

Few Basic Measures To Protect Your Data Online | Information Security Consulting

All kinds of online Data is under threat mainly because of the poor internet security practices. There are several cyber security claims rumoring around to ensure data protection. Resourceful hackers have broken through their defenses successfully. However, a well managed SIEM system can effectively prevent the breach of data from attackers.

Below are few very useful tips on protecting your data.

Store your data to your computer

As a first precautionary measure, it is recommended not to allow your employees to store data on their smartphones. Secondly, don’t allow your employees to remotely access information stored in your server.  Both these practices will make your important data become vulnerable to hackers. Observe following practices regularly:

  • Take a backup of your important Data
  • Lock your servers, PCs and laptops
  • Enable windows security features
  • Make the hard drives unreadable
  • Automate software updates to ensure latest security updates
  • Secure your wireless network at your home and office
  • Install operating system updates

Identify the important Data

Identify which data is more important and can cause serious threat in case it is theft. Start protecting your data by a firewall security. You need to make sure that the employees could only access your network through a secured virtual private network (VPN). Encrypt your important data for more protection.

VAPT Testing

Despite all precautionary measures, a professional approach to identify the weakness and loopholes of your system must be adopted. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) will look for vulnerabilities in your system. The tester will apply the same technique that a hacker does. Your system will be scanned against the all the weaknesses. In the first phase of testing, system vulnerabilities will be identified, quantified and prioritized. In the second phase, your system will be tested against the weaknesses that an attacker could exploit. VAPT testing costs you some amount, but it is worth your money.

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