Why Consider Managed Security Services Instead Of SIEM?


Business owners operating online are relying heavily on interconnected networks are always in the firing line. They have got this fear of attackers who are always keen to come up with security breaches that can provide them with access to the sensitive information of business and its clientele.

The picture gets bigger on them, and their stress levels may become further elevated if they are performing in demanding and dynamic markets like the UAE.

Managed Security Services Dubai

To stay on top of such situations, it is vital that one as a business owner is familiar with the different available options that are offered by reliable IT security solution providers. SIEM (Service Information and Event Management) and managed security services Dubai are among the toppers in the list.

Let’s’ have a look and see which one shall be preferred by one as an entrepreneur and stay on top of issues like stress and anxiety and focus on business growth:

Fixed Up-Front Costs

Managed Services:

  • Usually, it is budget friendly and may only require the least amount of upfront fee due to its subscription-based nature.

SIEM Solution:

  • It is always going to be an expensive option because it usually involves a hefty upfront sum, required in the form of investment to buy the necessary software and recruit extra personnel or even assigning added tasks to existing staff for the sake of system integration etc. One way or the other, the required initial sum is going to be on the heftier side more often than not.

The Development Costs


  • In most cases, if you have acquired the services of a reliable and professional security solution provider, the required timeframe for initial deployment as well as configuring may not take more than a week’s time. As far as the costs involved are concerned, so they may be as little as none for a majority of the customers, depending on their security needs.


  • The overall all-time required for SIEM’s complete implementation would be between 1 to 2 years.  The problem of tasks such as deployments running over budgets and schedules is not something new; such problems will occur more often than not.

Personnel Cost


  • One as a service acquirer may face the issue of scarce resources in most cases when it came to professionally trained and experienced IT security personnel in the said domain. This pushes the graph for such services further upwards, i.e. making it hard for one’s budgets to cope with.


  • Managed security services Dubai that is offered by renowned IT specialists makes it easy for your business to have a 24X7 access to expert threat analysts, forensic experts, incident responders while the costs involved for such robust services are comparatively on the lower side.

Operational Cost

Manage security:

  • All one need to afford is a fixed nominal annual fee.

Security information:

  • Operational costs involved in this type, of course, are going to be on the high side. This is because of the in-house approach and labour costs that are required for this type.

Opportunity costs

In most cases, businesses are low on IT security staff. Most of the time spent by them floats around the monitoring of thousands of event logs and screening several alerts that may have been generated by a SIEM solution. Organisations that fail to consider these costs usually have to suffer badly during the later stages of their business and its functions online.

Hidden Costs

The same is going to be the case here as well, with SIEM once an incident takes place, the type of response that may be required to tackle it may vary, and this may fluctuate when it comes to the associated costs. On the other hand, in MSS because you have already paid a one-time subscription fee, your back is watched no matter how big or small the nature of the attack is without incurring additional costs.

Closing lines:

You simply cannot move on in the wrong directions with closed eyes. You will need to open up your eyes wide and make sure that you are opting for the right options that are offered by industry smart IT security solution providers. This will make it easy for you to ensure that you are heading in the right directions without paying elevated and unwanted costs.

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