Firewall Protects You From The Outside Threats

If you don’t have a firewall installed, then this means you are leaving your house doors unlocked and the windows completely open. That’s a very famous quote said by Michael Calce, one of the well-known hackers around the world. He was also renowned as MafiaBoy. So, this means that not installing a firewall means leaving your network at a high risk of the cyber attacks.

How Firewall Works?

A firewall is like a strong concrete wall or a barrier between the internet and your home network. It isn’t just like a wall that prevents any harmful stuff from entering your local network. Instead, we can say that it is there to prevent the suspicious attacks and allow other network data packets to enter the network. That’s how a firewall works. Firewall management is really important for any network because cyber-attacks and cyber-crimes have increased a lot over last some decades.

Firewall Protects You From The Outside Threats - Firewall Management

Minimum Computer Security

The minimum computer security is comprised of two parts basically.The first part is to make your PC and network invisible to hackers. They are no more able to view if your network or PC really exists or not. The other part is the installation of an excellent antivirus software. It keeps your network safe from Trojans and viruses that can come along emails and other data packets.


The firewalls are completely customizable. You can add or remove the filters on several conditions such as:

IP Addresses

A firewall is capable of monitoring the IPs that are monitoring your network activities too much. It will simply block that IP to keep your network safe from the vulnerable attacks.

Domain Names

As a company or organization, you can simply block the access to your domain through your firewall. You are also privileged of giving access to only some specific names and domains, as per your needs.

Tips To Protect Yourself Online

The first thing you can do to keep yourself safe from the attacks of different vulnerabilities is to keep your passwords really strong. Use a mixture of special characters, upper & lower case letters, and different numbers as well.

The other thing you can do is install a two-way firewall system to prevent cyber-attacks. This will also play a really vital role in improving your network’s security.

Last but not the least, firewall migration is the best thing you can do to keep your network facilitated by the latest firewall management system. It can keep your network completely safe, even from updated and highly intense cyber-attacks.

Firewall Migration And The Role Of Managed SOC


Change is a process that has never been easy. In most cases, the staff may oppose it and may be reluctant to change that is about to be introduced. But things in such scenario may be optional to them and may allow them the liberty to add their input in favour of or against the change that may be coming their way.

Some possibilities and threats:

There are situations when it is not about options and choices, the idea from the top management is to ensure that they have set in place smart security shields in the form of Firewalls, anti malware and robust anti-viruses. All this sounds good, but the problem starts when the company’s top management decided to make mega makeshifts in this highly critical department.

Firewall Migration And The Role Of Managed SOC

Gripping and taking control of the situation:

To obtain this task they may consider the idea of firewall migration. A critical, sensitive and very fragile task because things may not improve greatly in case if this crucial task is not performed in a professional and careful manner. The reasons behind this migration process could be many but the solution is one, i.e. this task must be executed in the presence of professional IT consultants.

Who can help and how?

As stated earlier, expert information technology consultants are going to be the perfect choice because they are the key role players who have the skills to analyse the criticality of the issues, the sensitivity of the security requirements based on which they can recommend the right and relevant solution.

Managed SOC

They in most cases would be keen to recommend smart and appealing solutions in the form of managed SOC. The idea from them is to provide the business with a 24/7 expert backup where the entrepreneurs do not have to worry about any occurrences of threats because these experts with the help of artificial intelligence and real time remote assistance will highlight the threat and quarantine it in a timely and efficient manner.

The positive news:

As the trends shape further towards relying on IT solutions, the level of competition and demand and supply graph has also escalated. This has provided service acquirers with the added advantage of opting for such services in an affordable passion.


The time for thinking and using delayed approaches is gone. Those who are late in securing their business in such threatening situations usually miss the train. Do not make such practice damage your business persona and all the hard work that you may have carried out to help your business in achieving some of the big landmarks. Operate in a secure passion always.

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