Cyber Security And Risk Assessment

Cyber confidence is significant for businesses, customer trust and reputation, it is dependent on consistency between threat and security. Cyber-security is the frame of technologies, techniques, and procedures in order to safeguard data, programs, computers, and other security networks.

A threat regarding cyber-security is a potential case of damage to the digital system and network. Businesses in all its forms are increasingly adopting digital technologies. With the increase in cyber security threat, enterprises are facing risks every day. It is essential to manage risk, and risk assessment is the fundamental step. It is an integral part of safety management plan, and it is significant for medium to large enterprises. In 2017 alone China has lost 66.3 billion dollars in cyber-crimes.

Cyber Security And Risk Assessment

Risk and threat assessment is an obligation in modern businesses or else you are exposed to threats. The process should be aligned with the business goals to mitigate risks efficiently. Security threat and risk assessment regarding digital technologies are strategically significant in the 21st century.

The question here is that how risk assessment can be performed on cyber-security threats? It is usually performed on all kind of systems, applications, processes, and functions. But on practical grounds, no organisation can conduct a risk assessment on all of its functions and processes.

Keeping the complexities in mind the first step would be to make an operational framework that is compatible with the scope and size of the organisation. It will consist of detection of an external and internal system which may cause risk to the operations or the process. The examples can be, legally sensitive or protected data like health care, finances, and credit cards. Based on this you can create schedules of risk assessment to cost effectively protect the assets.

After you determine the framework, the next step is to tackle with the individual process for risk assessment. While going through each process, it is significant to note down that there are a lot of categories of risk that can affect your enterprise. Like

Strategic Risk

It is a kind of adverse business decisions, or failure to employ the decision in a way that it is consistent with core policies of the firm.

Reputation Risk

It is the risk which is related to the reputation of the organisation. The public opinion is often significant to the organisation.

Operational Risk

Sometimes faults of employee or failure in the internal process are causes specific process to fail.

Transactional Risk

It is related to the failure of product or service delivery.

Compliance Risk

The violation of regulations and rules to the underlying policies of the organisation is categorised as compliance risk.

Security Risk Assessment

Step towards Risk Assessment

Here given below are the necessary step to consider;

Characterisation of the System

The characterisation of the system is key to determine the threats

  1. What is it?
  2. The data it uses?
  3. The vendor?
  4. The interfaces?
  5. The system users?
  6. What is the flow of the data?
  7. The storage of the information

Threats identification

It is a significant step in which possible threats are analysed against the system. Every risk assessment contains some common threats which are as follows.

  • Access Authorization

Unauthorized access can be accidental or due to the malicious attack. It could also be a hacking attempt or due to malware infection.

  • Misuse of data by a privileged user

It often happens when an authorised user accesses the sensitive data beyond its official requirement for personal benefit or motives.

  • Loss of data

Data loss usually occurs due to poor execution of backup processes.

Determination of security threat and risk assessment

The characterisation of impact in case of threat assessment is done as follows

  • High-Substantial impact
  • Medium-Damaging but a recoverable impact
  • Low-minimal impact

Risk Rating Calculation

There are a lot of calculations required based on the ton of information to assess the risk. But if we keep things simple, it all comes down to a simple equation which will help us to understand it.

Impact * Likelihood = Risk Rating

The result can be imagined as follows

  • Severe

In these conditions, necessary remediation is required.

  • Severe

At the elevated level of risk, the remedy to the problem needs to be found in limited period.

  • Severe

The low threat level is adequate and continuous monitoring is performed to save the organisation from the disaster.

Risk assessment is an integral part of the cyber-security threat rectification and is now adopted by many organisations across the world.

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Few Basic Measures To Protect Your Data Online

It has been reported that over 9 billion records have been stolen since 2013. Thieves are proactively targeting potential websites for breaching important data. They can steal away with credit card information, personal data of customers or your email correspondence.

Many people have been blackmailed into publishing their private information all over the internet. Thousands of dollars have been stolen by accessing credit card information.  In few cases people have fallen into danger of identity theft and became vulnerable to all kinds of money theft. In many cases it endangered privacy and repute of successful businessmen.

Few Basic Measures To Protect Your Data Online | Information Security Consulting

All kinds of online Data is under threat mainly because of the poor internet security practices. There are several cyber security claims rumoring around to ensure data protection. Resourceful hackers have broken through their defenses successfully. However, a well managed SIEM system can effectively prevent the breach of data from attackers.

Below are few very useful tips on protecting your data.

Store your data to your computer

As a first precautionary measure, it is recommended not to allow your employees to store data on their smartphones. Secondly, don’t allow your employees to remotely access information stored in your server.  Both these practices will make your important data become vulnerable to hackers. Observe following practices regularly:

  • Take a backup of your important Data
  • Lock your servers, PCs and laptops
  • Enable windows security features
  • Make the hard drives unreadable
  • Automate software updates to ensure latest security updates
  • Secure your wireless network at your home and office
  • Install operating system updates

Identify the important Data

Identify which data is more important and can cause serious threat in case it is theft. Start protecting your data by a firewall security. You need to make sure that the employees could only access your network through a secured virtual private network (VPN). Encrypt your important data for more protection.

VAPT Testing

Despite all precautionary measures, a professional approach to identify the weakness and loopholes of your system must be adopted. Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) will look for vulnerabilities in your system. The tester will apply the same technique that a hacker does. Your system will be scanned against the all the weaknesses. In the first phase of testing, system vulnerabilities will be identified, quantified and prioritized. In the second phase, your system will be tested against the weaknesses that an attacker could exploit. VAPT testing costs you some amount, but it is worth your money.

Information Security, Can You Fight Alone?


You are among those entrepreneurs who rely on the online world for most of their business functions and operations. You are well aware of the potential threats that exist. You believe you can deal with them because you are confident that you have got some sufficient technical knowledge.

Your plan:

Because you are operating online, so you have planned things accordingly. You consider yourself lucky because you were able to get hands on some free tools in the form of anti-malware, anti-ransomware, anti-viruses and firewalls that were downloaded by you for free and you got them installed on all your systems and networks. Your website online is also protected with the help of some free security widgets.

Information Security, Can You Fight Alone | Cyber Security UK

You have installed everything you believed was important and you are not looking back because you have too many things to sort out and cope with.

When things go wrong:

In complex markets like UAE, your approach may not align with what exactly is required as a set standard. Things may start going wrong within no time and this could be because of factors like out of date free tools installed by you, their incompetence with advance and severe levels of attacks.

Relying on professionals associated with the domain of information security Dubai would be one’s best bet. Things will become easy and secure because IT security specialist are not only up-to-date but they offer 24/7 support that helps in staying away from the troubled zones.

Insecure information may result in heavy penalties, losing the market stature, clients may claim fortunes, prison, overnight shutting down and deportation are some other severe actions that may be taken against an online operator when things go wrong and one is found guilty of going about things in an insecure passion, especially when sensitive information of clients and other stakeholders is involved.

No matter which part of the world one operates, i.e. be it complex markets of UAE, advanced and developed market of UK, compromising on security measures that are smart in nature may not be a wise approach.

Cyber security UK based solutions that are offered by industry smart, reliable and affordable service providers will help one a great deal. Going for anything less than that would mean welcoming blunders and troubles with open arms and that is something one simply cannot afford while operating online in modern fragile yet very dynamic markets.

Final words:

If you have this plan of fighting cyber threats alone just because you believe that hiring professionals may prove costly then you might as well consider the sums that you will be ending up with in case your lone passion plans didn’t work.

Do You Really Need Security Operations Center?

Are you unable to decide whether you really need a security operations center for your organization or not? Well, this is such an era that you definitely need to have one for the sake of your firm. If you don’t have it really, you could be witnessing the devastating effects of it very soon.

Thousands of businesses around the world are just penalized because, they never put emphasis on the importance of the SOC at all. And that had caused them huge loss by getting penalized with hacking, virus and malware attacks. If you want to remain safe from the cyber-attacks of every kind then you can look forward to London SOC as the best possible solution. Here are some of the reasons why you should really have a SOC for the sake of your organization.

Do You Really Need Security Operations Center

Modern Day Cyber Threats

The modern day cyber threats and crimes are increasing at a very rapid pace. That’s why, it is necessary for every kind of organization to take care of its network security. So the cyber-attacks could be prevented effectively. The modern day vulnerabilities are getting a real headache for organizations all across the world.

The Hackers have become very active

The huge issue that is raising its head all around the world is, the hacking activities performed by the hackers. They have been a real reason behind the downfall of the numerous organizations across the world. That’s why, it is recommended to secure your organization with a proper security operations center from where the security teams could look after such issues throughout in a better and organized way.

Viruses and Malware are also a huge threat

It is not just the hackers, but it’s also the viruses and malware that are on the rise all around in the networking field. They enter the network of an organization to start corrupting its data, which causes the drastic data loss. It’s also the main reason why you need to consult an information security consultant for a better and highly effective SOC system that could prevent you from huge hazards.

Viruses and Malware are also a huge threat

SOC is the Real Deal!

Against the modern day vulnerabilities and cyber threats, the SOC is a real and a big deal. It can prevent your organization from such devastating attacks. The professional and experienced team looking after your firm’s SOC take care of each and every aspect of your network to ensure, it is safe and secure all the time.

You Will Need Security And Confidence To Be Humble!


Moving one in markets that are reliant on the world of online business with a setup that too depends on the cyber world may not be an easy task. Having said that, this by no means shall be assumed or taken in wrong contexts, i.e. whether one performs offline or online, challenges are going to be there.

The core factor is going to be that how well one tackles and deals with such threats that may come in the form of challenges towards one.

Operating in growing and developed markets like Qatar that is becoming centre of attention with each day that passes by due to mega events that is just a few years ahead, i.e. FIFA 2022, investors are drifting in towards markets here.

They want to be well established during these few years and want to ensure that they are blessed with stunning online and offline presence.

You Will Need Security And Confidence To Be Humble

The idea is right, with a country that has waved taxes and ensure leniency in many ways when it comes to trade, who won’t want to launch their new setup in such promising and business friendly markets. So, all those that are diverting towards markets here, ensure that they are backed with smartly managed SOC (security operation centre) solutions so as to avoid stoppages and delays.

They know that they simply cannot afford to divert their attention in any other directions apart from the only right direction which is going to be a disaster and one as an entrepreneur may not be able to claim maximum returns on investment with diverted focus.

As far as their physical business premises are concerned, they ensure that they meet security industry specialists and IT security consultants who can provide them with elite extra low voltage solution that are in the best interest and one hundred percent relevant to their business nature. To ensure that they are on top of this need, the make it certain that this task is outsourced only to professional and relevant ELV design consultant Qatar based solution provider.

They now have learned that casual, generic and weak approaches in this domain may make things very easy for intruders, security may be breached and attacks in all formats may take place.

Final words:

One with a pivotal aim and core focus on such promising markets simply cannot take risks of moving on in an uncovered passion. Therefore, experts highly recommend robust, managed security services for one to win on each front in a seamless passion.

Your Cyber Information Is Secure With Information Security Dubai


The utmost and absolute necessity of businesses is to avert cyber threats. The deliverance of the security mechanism is reliant on how each feature is protected in its entirety. Information security consultant can provide the ammunition to defend against any cyber enemy.

It is important that the business is loaded with the right kind of security apparatus to avert any kind of attack.

Are you aware of the potential losses?

The threat perception is vital in distinguishing how the attack can be executed in various contexts. The approach to build responsive mechanism to deal with threats for different businesses can be generated by cyber security UK.

Your Cyber Information Is Secure With Information Security Dubai

Is your business driven by security?

How to perceive the problem is rudimentary in establishing the domain to shield the assets. The practical outcomes are only realizable when the structure is tailored in accordance with the needs of the business.

The establishment of the network visibility in security matters will ascertain how the entire procedure is being monitored. The power to influence the trust is an important element in any relationship.

It is critical to remember that:

  • Security issues are an extension of business philosophy
  • It provides sustainability to business
  • Helps in customer relationship management
  • Satisfies all stakeholders

How robustly the security framework is optimized will make the difference. It is essential to incorporate the desired level of energy and liveliness in the mechanism to monitor the activities without any disruption.

The operational efficiency of the protection framework is derived through the positive inculcation of risk management mechanism. The breach can be executed from any sources. Internal sources of breach are as important to monitor as the external sources.

How well are you prepared to secure the network?

The up-time and availability of the devices is critical in assessing the role of the security framework. The objective of cyber protection and safety is to mitigate different threats that can potentially undermine the operational efficiency of other domains. The location security leverage is vital in maintaining zero tolerance policy towards breach.

An information security Dubai based plan with clarity provides the launching pad to build up immaculate response mechanisms that secure assets and optimize the efficiency procedures.


The effective implementation of a plan should measure its competence over a period of time. The resolution to bolster the safety of the network must add value to the business and its operations.

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Offerings Of GDPR You Must Know

While rendering GDPR instructions, one will know that private data is the collection of material that is linked to an individual. Some of the common private data and details include name, email, bank particulars, locality and medical information and PC IP address.

There is no difference amid private information regarding people in their personal, public and employment roles. Additionally, in any of a business-to-business environment, whether individuals are acting together or sharing information, everything is related to them.

GDPR Risk Assessment

GDPR regulations are going to be applied on every company whether storing confidential data of others or offering their own to protected sources. Additionally, with GDPR risk assessment, one will have an improved control on its private information. It will also ensure that every type of confidential data is secured properly.

Offerings Of GDPR:

Individuals need their own rights regarding the confidential data that they provide to secure sources for maintenance purpose. Under GDPR, they are having:

Rights To Access:

Every individual is fully allowed to request entrance to his confidential data. They also have rights to ask the way their data is used by that particular organization. The organization is liable for providing that data in printed form and also is soft form if demanded.

Rights To Delete:

Sometime individual stop using the services of a company and they do not stay their consumers any more. Additionally, if they pull out their agreements, the company is liable for deleting the whole of his confidential data whenever he stops using their services.

Rights To Data Portability:

Every individual can relocate his data to another service provider without any solid reason. Once they decide to transfer the data from one service provider to another, he must be allowed to relocate it both in machine understandable and usual formats.

Rights To Be Informed:

Most of the organizations who maintain secret information of users collect data from them. This is the rights of a user that he must be informed before data collection. Additionally, the required agreement must never be imposed forcefully; instead it must be performed freely.

Rights To Be Notified:

Just like a usual security consulting individual do, a user must be informed and notified regarding a security breach if his data is ever compromised. It is their legal right that they must be aware of any attack on their data within 72 hours.

Rights To Have Information Modified:

Sometime even the most confidential data require modification from user’s side. The required service provider must allow them to update their information whether the information is imperfect or not fitting well.

Rights To Restrict Processing:

This is also a legal right of a user to prevent the service provider from using his or her data. They can stop processing their data whenever they demand for. Users must be allowed to keep their information on place, however, not to be used if they restrict processing them.




What Are The Thing A Security Consultant Do For You?

To knock down the security challenges, businesses often need an outside help. It’s because the security challenges and the vulnerabilities are getting threatening with the passage of time. As it gets complex and more threatening, it becomes impossible for the organizations to deal with them.

What Are The Thing A Security Consultant Do For You

In such a situation, a consultant always comes into play. They are good and beneficial for the network security of any organization. That’s why, they are a go-to option for them most often. So in this regards, the services of the security consulting Qatar and many other firms are hired these days.

A security consultant and a security consulting firm are beneficial for you in many means. They keep your business network safe from the threats with which they are surrounded most often. A consultant or a consulting firm, do following things for you.

Confidential Expert and Advisor:

A consultant is someone who is your firm’s network security expert and your advisor as well. He is someone, with whom you share every confidential detail with complete trust to ensure the safety of your organization’s security.

Risks Identifier:

He is a person who identifies the risks associated with your business network. His experience, professionalism, and knowledge enables him to identify every risk right away.

Risks Identifier

Evaluation of the Systems:

In this era, where we are surrounded by many threats in the field of networking. It’s important for all of us to keep ourselves updated with the latest technology. So in such regards also, the consultant evaluates the systems and helps you to update it.

Recommends Best Solutions:

There are many solutions available different types of threats or vulnerabilities. Hence, he is a person who provides you the best recommendations for the best possible security against any threat.

Recommends Best Solutions

Save Your Extra Expenses:

He suggests you such a solution which is less expensive and more effective. He isn’t someone who will suggest you a random solution without knowing its effects and cost.

Achieve Desired Results:

A consultant will make sure that he helps you achieve the desired results by enabling proper security system, for which you have hired him. He will do his best to keep your network safe from different vulnerabilities.

The importance of the ELV design:

Just networking and the network security aren’t enough for the cause of an organizational security. In the whole process, the ELV design also holds significant importance. ELV stands for “Extra Low Voltage”, and in this process, every device’s cables are provided with perfect fit according to its requirements.

importance of the ELV designIf this perfect fit isn’t provided, then the systems might crash down. That’s why, the ELV design is considered important to provide the throughout power supply without any damage. Thus, for the best results and solutions in this regards the ELV design consultant Dubai can help you a great deal.

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Strength Cyber Protection By Reinforcing Information Security

The world has seen many breaches and loopholes being exploited into the world of cyber. From some of the strongest powers in the world to the developing nations, almost all of those have witnessed big or small events of data safety breaches or breaks. The rapid growth in the IT sector and with more businesses and corporations acquiring the trends of Internet based information keeping like Cloud storage etc., and the transfer or exchange of data from one end to the other by the help of Internet has put the whole system on risk concerning the safety issues.

Information security Consulting

This is why information security consulting is important not only for big but also for small organization. There are many security trends for the upcoming year, and thus the specialists are working hard day in and out to keep a head of the culprits and design better and more improved methods. Here is an insight on some of the latest knowledge and improvements in this sector.

  • Need for constant amendment:

The enemies to the safety of the Internet are very agile, clever as well as motivated and they are working hard to overcome the safety methods. In comparison to that the cyber safety methods are not as dynamic and active. Therefore it is important to understand this need and respond accordingly.

  •  Data manipulation:

In the old days the attackers used to go for data theft, but now the expert attackers challenge the integrity of data itself and therefore manipulate data. This kind of attack may have more serious long-term consequences and can damage the name, reputation and integrity of the organization.

  • Skills:

Skill is an important factor of information security consulting and it should be as per need of the organization. There is a global scarcity of the skilled cyber safety experts therefore it is important for the organizations to demand them against target hacking. The present IS strategies are not sufficient to meet these needs and should be revised.

  •  Cyber safety for IoT:

There is an increased risk of the data because of the rapid use of Internet of Things (IoT) in the modern lifestyle and living. The attackers now craft the behavior of the tools or apps that are personal security relevant and thus function to break the system by making complex yet bespoke campaigns.

What Is A Managed Security System?

These days security of each and everything is really necessary, because in this era everything is at a real risk if it’s not secured well through proper system. Various mechanisms, viruses and software’s, etc. are developed to access your private stuff. That’s why there is very important need to keep yourself, secured from such security breaches. For the security of a business real steps are required to be taken. Because you can’t compromise over the security of your business related issues. So for that reason a proper and managed system is a necessity. You can’t just ignore it at any cost.

Managed Security Services Oman

For a proper and a well-managed security system you need to contact a firm who is dedicated in one in this regards. You can get the best and excellent services for the better protection and monitoring of your business secret data from managed security services Oman. They are well known and highly reputable all across the country. You can get their assistance in any part of the world without any barriers, as they provide this service all across the world.

How it works?

It works really well, this is something that you should know. How it works is a big phenomenon but we will try to touch some of the basic and main points for your better understanding. So you have some idea about its working and methodology.

First of all your business is secured with the various security systems and software installations. This is to make sure that your network is free of any kind of risks. After that a proper and dedicated team is awarded to you so that they can look after that whole process and mechanism all the time. This results in saving us from any kind of major harms and loss.

A proper team looks after your whole business network all the time. If there is any risk, which they notice, they take actions right away. Whether its malware or it’s an attempt by a third party, to hack your systems. If there is any attempt made to transfer the secret information of your company by someone in your firm, they can also easily detect it with their managed security systems. More importantly what they do is they look after all the things through a properly managed system, which includes a software system and group of individuals, who combined look after the whole setup.

If you are also looking for a best and a top notch security system, then you can hire the services of Managed Security Services Oman. They will certainly help you better than anyone else.