Why Consider Managed Security Services Instead Of SIEM?


Business owners operating online are relying heavily on interconnected networks are always in the firing line. They have got this fear of attackers who are always keen to come up with security breaches that can provide them with access to the sensitive information of business and its clientele.

The picture gets bigger on them, and their stress levels may become further elevated if they are performing in demanding and dynamic markets like the UAE.

Managed Security Services Dubai

To stay on top of such situations, it is vital that one as a business owner is familiar with the different available options that are offered by reliable IT security solution providers. SIEM (Service Information and Event Management) and managed security services Dubai are among the toppers in the list.

Let’s’ have a look and see which one shall be preferred by one as an entrepreneur and stay on top of issues like stress and anxiety and focus on business growth:

Fixed Up-Front Costs

Managed Services:

  • Usually, it is budget friendly and may only require the least amount of upfront fee due to its subscription-based nature.

SIEM Solution:

  • It is always going to be an expensive option because it usually involves a hefty upfront sum, required in the form of investment to buy the necessary software and recruit extra personnel or even assigning added tasks to existing staff for the sake of system integration etc. One way or the other, the required initial sum is going to be on the heftier side more often than not.

The Development Costs


  • In most cases, if you have acquired the services of a reliable and professional security solution provider, the required timeframe for initial deployment as well as configuring may not take more than a week’s time. As far as the costs involved are concerned, so they may be as little as none for a majority of the customers, depending on their security needs.


  • The overall all-time required for SIEM’s complete implementation would be between 1 to 2 years.  The problem of tasks such as deployments running over budgets and schedules is not something new; such problems will occur more often than not.

Personnel Cost


  • One as a service acquirer may face the issue of scarce resources in most cases when it came to professionally trained and experienced IT security personnel in the said domain. This pushes the graph for such services further upwards, i.e. making it hard for one’s budgets to cope with.


  • Managed security services Dubai that is offered by renowned IT specialists makes it easy for your business to have a 24X7 access to expert threat analysts, forensic experts, incident responders while the costs involved for such robust services are comparatively on the lower side.

Operational Cost

Manage security:

  • All one need to afford is a fixed nominal annual fee.

Security information:

  • Operational costs involved in this type, of course, are going to be on the high side. This is because of the in-house approach and labour costs that are required for this type.

Opportunity costs

In most cases, businesses are low on IT security staff. Most of the time spent by them floats around the monitoring of thousands of event logs and screening several alerts that may have been generated by a SIEM solution. Organisations that fail to consider these costs usually have to suffer badly during the later stages of their business and its functions online.

Hidden Costs

The same is going to be the case here as well, with SIEM once an incident takes place, the type of response that may be required to tackle it may vary, and this may fluctuate when it comes to the associated costs. On the other hand, in MSS because you have already paid a one-time subscription fee, your back is watched no matter how big or small the nature of the attack is without incurring additional costs.

Closing lines:

You simply cannot move on in the wrong directions with closed eyes. You will need to open up your eyes wide and make sure that you are opting for the right options that are offered by industry smart IT security solution providers. This will make it easy for you to ensure that you are heading in the right directions without paying elevated and unwanted costs.

Benefits Of A Third Party Managed Security Services

Network security has become an essential need for the sake of organizations. Cyber-threats have been increasing with the passage of every single day. That’s the reason every firm especially needs to take care of its network security to ensure they are safe from every kind of cyber-attack.

Managed Security Services KSA

For the organizations, it becomes a tricky and expensive thing to establish its security mechanism. So, most of the times they tend to outsource some aspects of their network security to a third party service provider. Managed security services KSA based firms are also well-known for their top-notch services in this particular regards. Beneath are some of the benefits you can avail by outsourcing your security needs to a third party security firm like them.

Proactive Security

By hiring their services and by outsourcing your security needs to them, you are improving your security mechanism. They provide you with an efficient and proactive network security that keeps you safe from the vulnerable attacks of modern-day cyber-crimes.

Improved IT Performance

Your business network remains safe from the vulnerable attacks. This means you won’t be facing any shutdown issues at all. Your business operations will keep carrying own in a certain way without distractions. All this improves your organization’s IT performance.

Professional Resources

You are facilitated with the services of professional and highly trained staff. They take care of all your network related needs accurately, securing you from every kind of network related hassles. This is a great benefit that you could avail of the third party managed security consulting KSA based service providers. That’s why it is highly recommended and best option for you to protect your network from vulnerable attacks.

Decreased Costs

Establishing your dedicated security setup can cost you heavily. The best thing you could do, outsource your network security needs to a third party service provider. This saves you a lot of costs. You would be supposed to pay monthly charges just for those services that you have availed.

Thorough Security

Third party security service providing firms provides you thorough security against the vulnerabilities. They use different tools that help in better protection from cyber-attacks. That’s also a reason why third-party security service providers are the preferred choice for most of the organizations.

Managed Security Services Improve Revenue Of Business


What if the service provider becomes a target of network breach? The conundrum of network security is increasing in complexity with time. Deloitte is the latest victim of security infiltration by hackers. Why are networks stumbling upon when it comes to security? Are the available tools not good enough? Who can the customers rely? The access to the information including passwords, IP addresses, usernames and design structure is now a norm. The sourcing of the network security to third party vendor is in demand. But what makes a vendor better equipped in delivering security? What other features are associated with the security?

How security features add value to business:

The revenue generation stream gets better when security is fully functional. The idea designed by security operation center UK to insert the security features with maximum response rate drive functionality of operations to generate better revenue generation opportunities.

Managed Security Services Improve Revenue Of Business | Security Operation Center UK

The ability to preserve the information security and protect the network tools and processes is a specialist endeavor. The capacity to build different security facets for a specific network is reliant on its scope and the extent of the business. It should be acknowledged that the security professionals have become an important arm in the growth of businesses. Keeping this into perspective the role and responsibilities outlined by managed security services KSA administer the control and direction of the security features comprehensively.

The technological boom in Dubai is pointing towards rapid growth. The initiation of new business and fresh opportunities make the job of security professionals even more problematic. However the investment in the network security will eventually make the difference.

The safety of the asset requisite protection of the parameters, processes, systems to guard against any potential threat. The prevention of the threat is emanated from the philosophy of how it is perceived by the security professionals.


It is easy to delegate the management of security but the recruitment of a third party vendor is a strategic decision. How accurately have the system’s vulnerability has been addressed? A range of different aspects must be analyzed before the security blueprint can be planned out.

The future concerns are not going to increase the problems of the enterprises. The type of service that is selected will impact on how resolutely the security of the network is being addressed. Sensible decisions is the only choice left.

Why You Should Move To The Cloud!


With the influx of latest technological solutions and approaches, entrepreneurs are considering themselves lucky. Rightly so, because all the new arrivals as far as technological solutions are concerned are packed with security and safety.

Why You Should Move To The Cloud

Their corporate oriented nature makes them further attractive for all those that are connected with interconnected networks and are operating online. Dealing with these elite trends and latest technologies may not be as simple as it sounds. One may need managed security services Dubai while operating in complex and highly dynamic markets of UAE.

Why managed?

I come across this question from entrepreneurs more often than not. The thing is that threats today are not as small as they used to be a few decades back. With the advancement in technological trends, the knowledge and grip of hackers and attackers is also becoming firm. It at times is hard for one to keep such enthusiastic attempts away from the business and its computers systems and even networks.

Dealing with such services in using an in house approach may not work well for the betterment of the business security online in the long run. It is a swift world of constant updates out there that requires regular checks, upgrading and updating of all the tools and frameworks that may have been installed by one.

Furthermore, because the local computer systems installed at ones business premises may not be very secure therefore, the idea of acquiring cloud security services is also escalating in the modern world of businesses.

Dealing with all these complex, elite and sensitive technologies may not be an easy task for your in-house personnel, besides they may not be available always too.

That is the key reason that professional entrepreneurs today are opting for managed services in the said domain. They believe, this enables them to focus on further opportunities that may enable their business to touch the peaks when it comes to returns on investments.

Final words:

This domain is fairly very broad and it may require some in depth study in case one is not so tech savvy.

Security needs are going to perk up further with the passage of time, if you are thinking about all those nominal fee and charges associated with the idea of outsourcing, you may miss the train, those charges are worth paying when one compares them with an unenthusiastic situation and its aftermath. Saving is not a bad idea, however one may ensure that one is saving business at the same time while saving money.

Penetration Testing And Managed Security Services!

Managed trends:

Operating in markets that are of core attention due to their geographical or operational potentials may require one to gear up for different tight situations. Security is one concern that is faced by almost all the countries in the world. Things are not as smooth as they used to be before technology was not so viral and influential.

With the passage of time technological trends advanced and with them the thinking and mindset of hackers and attackers also added some new approaches to their unenthusiastic practices that are focused always on breaching and breaking in to the business premises, computers and network systems with an aim to destroy or abuse the business and its clienteles’ personal and financial data.

Penetration Testing And Managed Security Services

In UAE, business owners are aware of all the associated aftermaths that may be faced as result of such attacks therefore they ensure that they are backed with elite trends and technologies like penetration testing Dubai oriented solutions offered by experts in the said industry.

Some core benefits:

  • Vulnerability and penetrating testing or VAPT helps in capping the gaps.
  • Continuity in processes and functions is made possible.
  • It enables entrepreneurs to operate well within the set standards when it comes to meet all the required compliances.
  • Helps in building strong relations and maintaining the trust levels with clientele.
  • Helps in improving and amplifying the quality assurance processes
  • Provides your business and its functions with unbreakable defenses

Another good example would be Qatar, a country that is centre of attention for many reasons, such as, the global international relations and mega event like FIFA 2022. Business owners ensure that they have got hands on reliable and affordable managed security services Qatar that are in line with all their security needs.

The idea is to avoid in-house solutions that are not as competent as the managed security solutions because this lack of proficiency from in-house solutions may not help the cause plus they may prove costly too, when compared to the managed version of such services.

Final words:

The margin for error is almost none; it is therefore highly recommended that one as an entrepreneur ensures a stronger backup offered by industry smart security consultants in one hundred percent managed and professional passion.

Managed Security Advice On Cloud Security Solution Benefits

Every type of businesses related to different operations are migrating their data and infrastructure to clouds. With such a major migration of dissimilar businesses, computation of cloud security is becoming a supreme question for every owner.

Cloud Security Services
Managed Security Advice On Cloud Security Solution Benefits

For improved information flow continuity and data protection, cloud based security is offering numerous levels of control in the structure of a network. Such a security is a vital element with reputable cloud security services provider to establish an atmosphere that works for every company worldwide.

Benefits of Cloud Security:

Cloud security can protect the whole of an organization’s confidential data against different attacks. These benefits can better be achieved in engagement with an advanced security provider having cloud computing services that doesn’t endanger the specified security. Major benefits of security solution based on cloud computing includes:

DDoS Protection:

Attacks of distributed denial of services are rising time by time. The major function of a skilled cloud computing safety provider is to discontinue the access of a business’s cloud servers to a massive amount of traffic. Such an approach is helpful to monitor, absorb and diffuse a DDoS attack for risk minimization.

Data Security:

Security protocols are the core requirements to be in place with a security solution provider in order to defend secret information and delicate transactions against data breaches. Implementing these protocols is helpful to prevent third party access to data to interfere data that is being transmitted.


Every reputable cloud computing provider such as managed security services Dubai do offer the required safety whether an organization is revolving up or down capacity. They scale up your cloud solution to offer the flexibility of avoiding server crashes in case of abundant amount traffic. The solution can easily be scaled down once the traffic is reduced for cost effectiveness.

High Availability and Support:

Availability of constant support to a company’s assets is the key purpose of cloud security providers. Constant support can be offered once the network is monitored continuously. With a constant monitoring providence, every type of attacks can easily be prevented with instant protection measures.

Cloud security is a beneficial facility for businesses which are maintaining secret customer’s data. A reputable cloud computing safety solution provider can offer data availability and reliability and provide the required security one need for conducting business operations worldwide.

Once an unbreakable physical infrastructure is maintained along with latest cyber security features, they can provide a complete and secure solution for every type of cloud computing requirements.


What Are The Six Important Dynamics Of Security To Follow?

The vulnerabilities and the cyber threats are a real headache for most of the businesses in this era. As all of the business firms are linked up to the internet, so it becomes quite vulnerable for them at times. The cyber threats have gone wild and are affecting various business networks every now and then.

Managed Security Services KSA
What Are The Six Important Dynamics Of Security To Follow – Managed Security Services

It has become important to make sure that we have a proper security system which can keep our network safe from the possible attacks of modern day security threats. If important and necessary steps are ever neglected in this regards then firms can find themselves in deep trouble, which is not good for their health.

For the better security of the business network, these days firms prefer to get to hire the services of security operation centre UK. They consider the SOC best for the security because it is the way through which their firm’s security related matters could be seen throughout to keep it safe from cyber threats.

Six Dynamics of Security:

The six dynamics of the security which you need to follow are as follows:

Determining the Policy:

Every plan starts with a policy. It is the first thing you do to ensure the successful execution of any plan. And for the network security purpose, it is important for you to make sure that you determine the right and proper policy first of all.

Performing the Risk Analysis:

The other important thing you need to do is, perform the risk analysis of your network. This is how you would come to know the risks that can affect your business network with the attacks of cyber threat.

Defining the appropriate Plans:

It is the next step which you need to follow after the analysis. You need to make and define the proper plans which will take place against the cyber security threats of this modern era.

Proper Staffing:

The proper staffing is another key thing for you to help the SOC working well. You must hire experienced and professional staff to ensure that they can properly take care of the events taking place in your business network.

Consider Dynamics:

The dynamics are really important to consider and follow. You must make sure that you are taking proper care of it and helping the things continue in proper defined way.

Integrate the SOC:

In the flow and activity of the organization, it is really important for you to make sure that you integrate the SOC. For the sake of the security operation center, all the relevant and important data are required to be passed on to SOC to make sure that it keeps functioning well to avoid the risks of the cyber threats.

However, if you don’t know how to take care of these six important dynamics of the network security, then you might consult the managed security services KSA for better help in this regards. They certainly are professional and can take care of the things in a better and well-defined way.

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How Cloud Security Services Are Best For Organizations?

The organizations these days often are surrounded with many vulnerabilities and threats. The span of the threats and vulnerabilities has just increased a great deal with the arrival of the latest advancements in the network technology. Thus, the network protection from these issues become a really important thing for them.

Cloud Security Services
Cloud Security Services

The cloud security provides multiple level control to the business networks. This definitely creates an appreciable environment for the companies working all around the world. There are many benefits which the cloud security services provide to businesses associated with this kind of security service.

We will enlist some of those benefits right down here.

Protection from DDoS:

Every single business these days is surrounded with the threat of Distributed Denial of service attacks. The cloud protection saves any network from the huge amount of traffic’s attack on any business server. Due to the cloud security all the risks of increased DDoS attacks are minimized to a great extent.

Protection from DDoS

Data Security:

The cloud based security system doesn’t allow any kind of security breaches to happen. The data for any kind of organization is the most important thing for it and this is the reason why it gets more importance than anything else. The data security is being ensured to the maximum extent in the cloud based protection.

Data Security

Regulatory Compliances:

All the data is secured from any kind of threats properly because of the regulatory compliances that are present in the cloud based security system. On the basis of the regulatory system the systems and the infrastructure are enhanced every now and then for better security.


There is a flexibility of scaling up and down the server according to the traffic that is visiting. Thus, you can easily get things monitored from any kind of threats and vulnerabilities.

Availability and Support:

The cloud based security system monitors your network all the time to ensure its better and all the time monitoring. In case of any mishap and threat attack, you get immediate support against it.

Availability and Support


You can get better network protection via cloud based security system and for that cause the managed security services KSA are more than better for the organizations. An organization must opt for the advanced level network security services such as cloud based security service.

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Enterprise Network Innovations For Managed Security In 2017

Security Threats:

Newest attacks and different types of latest hacks have been observed in 2016 and before. Such attacks results in a significant growth for security market that was $76 billion in 2015 and is expected to be more than $100 billion in 2019.

Managed Security Services

These hacks and attacks stay opportunity for numerous products and solutions to flood into the market regarding securing the networks to avoid these occurrences. Managed security services Oman, Dubai, America and around the world are focusing on the same purpose.

Conversations, opportunities and challenges regarding enterprise security are expected to continue increasingly the years onward. Here we are going to present what are important for organizations to look for to ensure controlled network security for 2017 and onward.

Integrated Security:

It is predicted that around 1 million new devices are going to be online each hour by 2020 which is an exponential increase in applications and devices. In this regard, the threat surface area for organizations has been expanded far more than traditional means.

For reducing complexity and risks, all of the security must need to be embedded into the software and hardware solutions along with flexible options for deployment that must work accurately with each other for providing multi-layer protection around the enterprise.

Managed Security Services Oman

Improved Visibility Need:

Digital organizations have experienced large amount of growth in the past few years. As a result of this growth, around 76% of professionals belong to IT industry are saying that the biggest challenge to them in network threat addressing is the lack of visibility.

Every time, it is crucial to observe the network to identify what is going on across the whole of applications, devices and users. For extending the visibility around the enterprise, security and network teams need to work closely to control the network infrastructure.

Emphasis on Analytics:

SANS institute recently perform a survey which is showing that organizations are currently using analytics as part of the security strategy they are having. The type and amount of information one is having is critical to lower down the detection time.

In past, sampling data might have helped in reacting and identifying threats. However, looking for proactive intelligent ways and contextual awareness for deep insights and data gathering that lead to accurate detection of user behaviour and anomalous network across the whole network is important.

Movement towards Cloud:

Cloud-administered and delivered security solutions are currently too much popular as well. Speed and ease of deployment are been offered by cloud-based solutions along with consistent and simple administration for providing an initial layer of defense.

Movement towards Cloud

The Final Word:

Security solutions are currently focusing on high end secure infrastructure to protect networks from every possible security threat. Enterprise owners need to improve their IT staff expertise and switch to latest security standards like managed security services Oman to prevent the whole network and avoid security breaches.

What Is A Managed Security System?

These days security of each and everything is really necessary, because in this era everything is at a real risk if it’s not secured well through proper system. Various mechanisms, viruses and software’s, etc. are developed to access your private stuff. That’s why there is very important need to keep yourself, secured from such security breaches. For the security of a business real steps are required to be taken. Because you can’t compromise over the security of your business related issues. So for that reason a proper and managed system is a necessity. You can’t just ignore it at any cost.

Managed Security Services Oman

For a proper and a well-managed security system you need to contact a firm who is dedicated in one in this regards. You can get the best and excellent services for the better protection and monitoring of your business secret data from managed security services Oman. They are well known and highly reputable all across the country. You can get their assistance in any part of the world without any barriers, as they provide this service all across the world.

How it works?

It works really well, this is something that you should know. How it works is a big phenomenon but we will try to touch some of the basic and main points for your better understanding. So you have some idea about its working and methodology.

First of all your business is secured with the various security systems and software installations. This is to make sure that your network is free of any kind of risks. After that a proper and dedicated team is awarded to you so that they can look after that whole process and mechanism all the time. This results in saving us from any kind of major harms and loss.

A proper team looks after your whole business network all the time. If there is any risk, which they notice, they take actions right away. Whether its malware or it’s an attempt by a third party, to hack your systems. If there is any attempt made to transfer the secret information of your company by someone in your firm, they can also easily detect it with their managed security systems. More importantly what they do is they look after all the things through a properly managed system, which includes a software system and group of individuals, who combined look after the whole setup.

If you are also looking for a best and a top notch security system, then you can hire the services of Managed Security Services Oman. They will certainly help you better than anyone else.