What Are The Thing A Security Consultant Do For You?

To knock down the security challenges, businesses often need an outside help. It’s because the security challenges and the vulnerabilities are getting threatening with the passage of time. As it gets complex and more threatening, it becomes impossible for the organizations to deal with them.

What Are The Thing A Security Consultant Do For You

In such a situation, a consultant always comes into play. They are good and beneficial for the network security of any organization. That’s why, they are a go-to option for them most often. So in this regards, the services of the security consulting Qatar and many other firms are hired these days.

A security consultant and a security consulting firm are beneficial for you in many means. They keep your business network safe from the threats with which they are surrounded most often. A consultant or a consulting firm, do following things for you.

Confidential Expert and Advisor:

A consultant is someone who is your firm’s network security expert and your advisor as well. He is someone, with whom you share every confidential detail with complete trust to ensure the safety of your organization’s security.

Risks Identifier:

He is a person who identifies the risks associated with your business network. His experience, professionalism, and knowledge enables him to identify every risk right away.

Risks Identifier

Evaluation of the Systems:

In this era, where we are surrounded by many threats in the field of networking. It’s important for all of us to keep ourselves updated with the latest technology. So in such regards also, the consultant evaluates the systems and helps you to update it.

Recommends Best Solutions:

There are many solutions available different types of threats or vulnerabilities. Hence, he is a person who provides you the best recommendations for the best possible security against any threat.

Recommends Best Solutions

Save Your Extra Expenses:

He suggests you such a solution which is less expensive and more effective. He isn’t someone who will suggest you a random solution without knowing its effects and cost.

Achieve Desired Results:

A consultant will make sure that he helps you achieve the desired results by enabling proper security system, for which you have hired him. He will do his best to keep your network safe from different vulnerabilities.

The importance of the ELV design:

Just networking and the network security aren’t enough for the cause of an organizational security. In the whole process, the ELV design also holds significant importance. ELV stands for “Extra Low Voltage”, and in this process, every device’s cables are provided with perfect fit according to its requirements.

importance of the ELV designIf this perfect fit isn’t provided, then the systems might crash down. That’s why, the ELV design is considered important to provide the throughout power supply without any damage. Thus, for the best results and solutions in this regards the ELV design consultant Dubai can help you a great deal.

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How Cloud Security Services Are Best For Organizations?

The organizations these days often are surrounded with many vulnerabilities and threats. The span of the threats and vulnerabilities has just increased a great deal with the arrival of the latest advancements in the network technology. Thus, the network protection from these issues become a really important thing for them.

Cloud Security Services
Cloud Security Services

The cloud security provides multiple level control to the business networks. This definitely creates an appreciable environment for the companies working all around the world. There are many benefits which the cloud security services provide to businesses associated with this kind of security service.

We will enlist some of those benefits right down here.

Protection from DDoS:

Every single business these days is surrounded with the threat of Distributed Denial of service attacks. The cloud protection saves any network from the huge amount of traffic’s attack on any business server. Due to the cloud security all the risks of increased DDoS attacks are minimized to a great extent.

Protection from DDoS

Data Security:

The cloud based security system doesn’t allow any kind of security breaches to happen. The data for any kind of organization is the most important thing for it and this is the reason why it gets more importance than anything else. The data security is being ensured to the maximum extent in the cloud based protection.

Data Security

Regulatory Compliances:

All the data is secured from any kind of threats properly because of the regulatory compliances that are present in the cloud based security system. On the basis of the regulatory system the systems and the infrastructure are enhanced every now and then for better security.


There is a flexibility of scaling up and down the server according to the traffic that is visiting. Thus, you can easily get things monitored from any kind of threats and vulnerabilities.

Availability and Support:

The cloud based security system monitors your network all the time to ensure its better and all the time monitoring. In case of any mishap and threat attack, you get immediate support against it.

Availability and Support


You can get better network protection via cloud based security system and for that cause the managed security services KSA are more than better for the organizations. An organization must opt for the advanced level network security services such as cloud based security service.

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Enterprise Network Innovations For Managed Security In 2017

Security Threats:

Newest attacks and different types of latest hacks have been observed in 2016 and before. Such attacks results in a significant growth for security market that was $76 billion in 2015 and is expected to be more than $100 billion in 2019.

Managed Security Services

These hacks and attacks stay opportunity for numerous products and solutions to flood into the market regarding securing the networks to avoid these occurrences. Managed security services Oman, Dubai, America and around the world are focusing on the same purpose.

Conversations, opportunities and challenges regarding enterprise security are expected to continue increasingly the years onward. Here we are going to present what are important for organizations to look for to ensure controlled network security for 2017 and onward.

Integrated Security:

It is predicted that around 1 million new devices are going to be online each hour by 2020 which is an exponential increase in applications and devices. In this regard, the threat surface area for organizations has been expanded far more than traditional means.

For reducing complexity and risks, all of the security must need to be embedded into the software and hardware solutions along with flexible options for deployment that must work accurately with each other for providing multi-layer protection around the enterprise.

Managed Security Services Oman

Improved Visibility Need:

Digital organizations have experienced large amount of growth in the past few years. As a result of this growth, around 76% of professionals belong to IT industry are saying that the biggest challenge to them in network threat addressing is the lack of visibility.

Every time, it is crucial to observe the network to identify what is going on across the whole of applications, devices and users. For extending the visibility around the enterprise, security and network teams need to work closely to control the network infrastructure.

Emphasis on Analytics:

SANS institute recently perform a survey which is showing that organizations are currently using analytics as part of the security strategy they are having. The type and amount of information one is having is critical to lower down the detection time.

In past, sampling data might have helped in reacting and identifying threats. However, looking for proactive intelligent ways and contextual awareness for deep insights and data gathering that lead to accurate detection of user behaviour and anomalous network across the whole network is important.

Movement towards Cloud:

Cloud-administered and delivered security solutions are currently too much popular as well. Speed and ease of deployment are been offered by cloud-based solutions along with consistent and simple administration for providing an initial layer of defense.

Movement towards Cloud

The Final Word:

Security solutions are currently focusing on high end secure infrastructure to protect networks from every possible security threat. Enterprise owners need to improve their IT staff expertise and switch to latest security standards like managed security services Oman to prevent the whole network and avoid security breaches.

Why Businesses Need Managed SIEM In Modern Era?

What is SIEM?

The word SIEM is the abbreviation of “Security Information and Event Management”. Basically this service provides alerts about any possible threat to increase the compliance of any business IT network. It has become an important need of the businesses because of the significant increase in IT threats.

Managed SIEM

What features does it provide?

It has just revolutionized everything in no time, most of the firms have moved to it immediately. The managed SIEM service provides following features which helps in increasing the defense of any business IT network’s security.

  • Streamline Compliance Reporting
  • Incidents Detection
  • Improved Efficiency of Incident Handling

What are its core benefits?

The core benefits of the SIEM for any business network are as follows:

  • Increased Efficiency
  • Potential of Security Breaches prevention
  • Reduced Impact of Security Events
  • Saves Money
  • Better Reports and Analysis
  • IT Compliance

Increased Efficiency:

The efficiency of your business network is improved. The SIEM collects the event logs and activities of your employees from different devices. That enables the detection of any threat and taking actions against it easy. All the activities can be checked easily and the analysis of the work files is speedy.

Security Information and Event Management

Potential of Security Breaches Prevention:

The better security system enables you to keep the vulnerabilities away from your business network. The prevention of all the potential breaches makes your network even safer.

Reduced Impact of Security Events:

You can first reduce the chance of the threats from entering your business environment. On the other hand, the right away detection of the security breaches makes the impact of any threat on your business less effective.

Saves Money:

The SIEM costs you some charges annually, but it saves you from any kind of major financial loss. You remain safe from the attack of threats, so you don’t need to spend huge amount of money to remove them.

Better Reports and Analysis:

The better reports and analysis, which it generates are really good to know what the weak points in your network are. The analysis reports show you their potential effects for your business. On the behalf of that, then you can take action to make your network even threat risk free.

IT Compliance:

You don’t need to have a special setup to make the SIEM system working for you. It can set well in your existing IT network. In this way it has a good compliance with the IT system.

Every business in this era, needs to adopt the services of managed SIEM for the better security of their IT network to remain safe from the attacks of different threats. The IT network is surrounded by many vulnerabilities, so it becomes really important for us to look after a really effective solution such as SIEM.

Integrated ELV Systems – Reduce Your Construction Costs

Complicated cabling structure was used for building management systems when traditional cabling system was previously used. The structure of traditional cabling system was complicated because separate cables were required for individual affiliated devices like telephone, CCTV devices and television.

Common disadvantages of traditional cabling system includes limited functionality, complicated management and increased cost. Modern cabling designs that are all based on IP-based Network integrated with the overall ELV systems.

ELV Design Consultants Qatar

However, extensive experience and technical expertise of networking and ELV knowledge is required for incorporating those modern cabling systems. No complicated structure of cabling is required and still the results are always effective on least capital and operating expenditure.

Here are some common reasons that why construction cost is considerably low because of integrated ELV systems.

Consolidated Cabling and Pathways:

Latest IP-based Extra Low Voltage designs are the only choice for most of the ELV design consultant Qatar based companies because of some common issues with the traditional solutions. Every device attached to traditional cabling system was using its own pathway and cabling system like coaxial cable for TV, twisted pair cable for Telephone and CAT6 for Network.

As compare to that structure, the IP-based ELV Designs allow each affiliated device to use the same data network that is commonly used. Thus the cabling and pathway costs are reduced considerably.

Improved Quality:

The complication during design and installation of telephone, CCTV cameras and television system in analogue traditional systems reduce the chances of obtaining expected quality results for audio and video. Existence of unforeseen problems like this are highly reduced in IP based network solution.

The implementation of digital backbone in cabling directly increases the coverage chances of unexpected challenges with least cost, while traditional systems require high expenses to recover the problem with additional delay in completion of the project.

ELV Design Consultants Qatar

Easy Management and Troubleshooting:

One of the common problems with ELV solutions is troubleshooting. With IP-based consolidated ELV solutions, the maintenance cost can easily be reduced. The existing IT staff can also easily troubleshoot the problem, with just a single computer connecting on a centralized location.

There are no complicated cabling systems and connections where faults can easily be identified, thus the troubleshooting time is highly reduced.

Lower Expandability Costs:

Unlike the traditional ELV systems, IP-based systems are far more easy and cost effective when expandability is required. Instead of using expensive and multi-core copper cabling, less expensive fibre cables and microwave cables are used for interconnection with minimal of physical efforts.

Most of the ELV design consultants Qatar are claiming for additional benefits of IP-based Extra Low Voltage that are currently incorporating in their present projects. More features and functionalities, ability of software upgradability, integration of different systems together and expandability with not any necessary action to redo the whole infrastructure again, are some additional advantages of these systems.

Information Security And Different Forms Of Threats

Information security in its shortened form called Info Sec is the prevention of unauthorized access, disclosure, modification, use, disruption and inspection of information. Info Sec is a general term used for security of data both in electronic or physical form. Information security may also be referring to security measures against the denial of service to authorized users.

Cyber Security UK

Using the strategies of Info-sec the security processes are managed, tools and policies are applied for preventing documents and threats to digital and non-digital information are counted. Info-Sec ensure an established set of business processes for protecting information regardless of its type, format and form. In whether type, format and form the data is, Info-Sec policies are responsible for its safety.

Employing Cyber Security Groups for safety 

For maintaining organizational Info Sec program, large enterprises are employing dedicated security groups. Led by chief information security officers, the group conduct risk management for assessing vulnerabilities and threats to information security and appropriate protective controls are applied. For national level of defense Cyber Security Centres are established like NCSC for cyber security UK that struggle for protection of Information Security nationwide.

Threats to Information Security 

Many different forms of threats to sensitive and private information exist. Using on time incident response plan, updated defense controls can be applied and the cause can be removed.

Common Information Security threats are:


A form of fraud in which attacker try to learn login credentials or account information by masquerading as a reputable entity or person in email, IM or other communication channels. The credentials are then used for changing account details and hacking purposes.

Malicious Software 

These are programs or files that are harmful to information. The program includes computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses and spyware. These programs perform a variety of functions like stealing, encrypting/decrypting & deleting sensitive data, altering core functions and monitoring information without permission.


A virus is a small piece of software that can spread amongst infected computers. The virus could corrupt, steal and delete information. Virus can also spread itself into other computers by using others programs like email program.


These are computer programs that can self-replicate without using a host program. Such programs alter information without any human interaction or directions from a malware author.

Trojan horse: 

This is another malicious program designed to appear like a legitimate program. These programs execute its malicious functions once installed and activated.


This is the most well-known program in computer world for stealing and collecting information and can observe user’s browsing activities. Spyware is having a significant impact on privacy. For mobile phones if they are infected with Spyware, it will record phone calls, log browsing activity and keystrokes, and monitor the phone owner’s location.


Malware like ransomware are designed for special purpose of encrypting information on systems. Cyber-criminals then demand ransom payment from users to decrypt the system data again.


These are a collection of tools for obtaining administrator-level access to a system and network. Rootkit can be installed on systems after exploiting a security hole in a legitimate application and can record keystrokes if containing spyware.

Backdoor virus: 

These viruses are malicious programs that secretly create a backdoor in infected systems allowing the threat actors to remotely access it without alerting the user or the system’s security programs.

Develop countries are in implementation of new measures and Cyber Security defenses to ensure Info-Sec for enterprises. Like National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) opening for cyber security UK which is a new part of the GCHQ intelligence service for protecting UK against cyber-attacks particularly for safety of critical national infrastructure.

Strength Cyber Protection By Reinforcing Information Security

The world has seen many breaches and loopholes being exploited into the world of cyber. From some of the strongest powers in the world to the developing nations, almost all of those have witnessed big or small events of data safety breaches or breaks. The rapid growth in the IT sector and with more businesses and corporations acquiring the trends of Internet based information keeping like Cloud storage etc., and the transfer or exchange of data from one end to the other by the help of Internet has put the whole system on risk concerning the safety issues.

Information security Consulting

This is why information security consulting is important not only for big but also for small organization. There are many security trends for the upcoming year, and thus the specialists are working hard day in and out to keep a head of the culprits and design better and more improved methods. Here is an insight on some of the latest knowledge and improvements in this sector.

  • Need for constant amendment:

The enemies to the safety of the Internet are very agile, clever as well as motivated and they are working hard to overcome the safety methods. In comparison to that the cyber safety methods are not as dynamic and active. Therefore it is important to understand this need and respond accordingly.

  •  Data manipulation:

In the old days the attackers used to go for data theft, but now the expert attackers challenge the integrity of data itself and therefore manipulate data. This kind of attack may have more serious long-term consequences and can damage the name, reputation and integrity of the organization.

  • Skills:

Skill is an important factor of information security consulting and it should be as per need of the organization. There is a global scarcity of the skilled cyber safety experts therefore it is important for the organizations to demand them against target hacking. The present IS strategies are not sufficient to meet these needs and should be revised.

  •  Cyber safety for IoT:

There is an increased risk of the data because of the rapid use of Internet of Things (IoT) in the modern lifestyle and living. The attackers now craft the behavior of the tools or apps that are personal security relevant and thus function to break the system by making complex yet bespoke campaigns.

What Is A Managed Security System?

These days security of each and everything is really necessary, because in this era everything is at a real risk if it’s not secured well through proper system. Various mechanisms, viruses and software’s, etc. are developed to access your private stuff. That’s why there is very important need to keep yourself, secured from such security breaches. For the security of a business real steps are required to be taken. Because you can’t compromise over the security of your business related issues. So for that reason a proper and managed system is a necessity. You can’t just ignore it at any cost.

Managed Security Services Oman

For a proper and a well-managed security system you need to contact a firm who is dedicated in one in this regards. You can get the best and excellent services for the better protection and monitoring of your business secret data from managed security services Oman. They are well known and highly reputable all across the country. You can get their assistance in any part of the world without any barriers, as they provide this service all across the world.

How it works?

It works really well, this is something that you should know. How it works is a big phenomenon but we will try to touch some of the basic and main points for your better understanding. So you have some idea about its working and methodology.

First of all your business is secured with the various security systems and software installations. This is to make sure that your network is free of any kind of risks. After that a proper and dedicated team is awarded to you so that they can look after that whole process and mechanism all the time. This results in saving us from any kind of major harms and loss.

A proper team looks after your whole business network all the time. If there is any risk, which they notice, they take actions right away. Whether its malware or it’s an attempt by a third party, to hack your systems. If there is any attempt made to transfer the secret information of your company by someone in your firm, they can also easily detect it with their managed security systems. More importantly what they do is they look after all the things through a properly managed system, which includes a software system and group of individuals, who combined look after the whole setup.

If you are also looking for a best and a top notch security system, then you can hire the services of Managed Security Services Oman. They will certainly help you better than anyone else.

Advantages Of SIEM For Businesses

If you are running a small business then it’s not too much of an issue for you to manage your business data and confidential details. You can manage it by your own or you can get assistance of any local body. But when it comes to the large business firms and big infrastructures, you need to have a managed security system. A managed security system will help you monitor any major security threat in your network. So you can immediately take action before any major mishap could happen to your business network.

Managed SIEM

A Managed SIEM is something really important for the big business firms’ security. To make your business more secure and avoid any major treats you should get assistance from a professional and well known security service providers. Get the Security Information and Event Management assistance so that your business is remotely monitored by professional and dedicated team. After that you won’t have to worry at all as your business will be monitored remotely 24 hours and if there is anything which can cause a major problem, the assistance team will manage and solve that issue right away. Your business will be safe and secure all the time. And you don’t need to take any headache for your business’s security information loss.

What benefits do you get in a Managed SIEM?

Your whole business network is managed remotely and if there is any security threat, brisk actions are taken to resolve those issues promptly. Some of the other benefits that you get are:

  • Your business is secured and managed through proper planning.
  • Once a SIEM is imposed on your business it is then remotely monitored all the time.
  • If there are any gaps or any laps in the security, they are brought forward right away.
  • If there is any suspicious activity, the user or the machine is isolated right away.
  • The professional and dedicated team will be responsible for monitoring and taking care of any security lap, so your business information security is not compromised at all.
  • A managed SIEM is a real guarantee for successful and flawless business without any secret and confidential data loss.